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Re: Looking for developers

New games.  Trying to fill gaps.


Thomas Lund wrote:

>Looking to develop new games or porting?
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>From: "Bakemono" <bakemono@scurvypenguin.net>
>To: <linuxgames@sunsite.dk>
>Sent: Saturday, October 27, 2001 9:08 PM
>Subject: Looking for developers
>>I've started an open source developement team known as "Little Green Men 
>>Entertainment".  Currently 2 people, we are looking for developers.  We 
>>are aiming for commercial quality open source games.  I hope to 
>>strengthen linux as a gaming platform.  What we need now is ideas for 
>>games and programmers.  Soon after that we'll need some artists and 
>>such.  I'll keep everyone on this list up to date.  Email me if you are 
>>interested in helping.
>>Web site is at http://lgme.scurvypenguin.net