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Re: Simple modeller

Jan Ekholm wrote:
> On Fri, 11 Oct 2002, J. Perkins wrote:
>>Sorry Jan, I thought I was responding to a different list, of course
>>you want a linux tool. In that case, PPoly is the only one that I
>>know of. You could try Milkshape with Wine maybe? If you find
>>anything out, please let us know. I'm going to have to start making
>>models myself one of these days...
> I've got several suggestions to give AC3D another chance, so I downloaded
> the trial, and I will pay the needed 40$ to get it registered. It seems to
> be simple enough that even I can create a few boxes with it. :)

...and by a remarkable coincidence, AC3D v3.4 was just released a couple
of days ago - the first new release for nearly a year.

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