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Re: Scalable games

Tomasz Rozen wrote:
> >       The idea is to go beyond just switching features on and off
> > and instead
> > make the engine more aware of it's surroundings and thus more adaptable
> > to changing workloads and running conditions. What do you think of this
> > matter? What are your experiences or ideas for scalable engines?
> Just out of curiousity: what are your minimum specs?
> Don't worry to much about poly count (unless you're targeting for
> pre-geforce hw).

	Heh, since you brought it up, we're thinking Pentium III around 800MHz,
128 RAM and a GeForce2. The game should run ok with this config, but not
exactly at it's minimum. As a matter of fact, this question hasn't been
answered to it's fullest yet, this is just an idea.

Miguel A. Osorio.