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Re: Simple modeller

On Sun, 24 Nov 2002, Steve Baker wrote:

>Frédéric Lopez wrote:
>> Kludge3d is a simple modeler, I used it some time ago and I liked it
>> much, very intuitive :
>> http://kludge3d.sourceforge.net/
>I just downloaded it.  It seems to be in an extremely primitive
>state. It looks promising - but I think it needs a LOT more work
>before I'd call it usable.

I actually gave AC3D a new chance, and it has improved a lot since I used
it a few years ago. The 40$ wasn't too bad for something that with a
little playing does what I need.

I've been able to do a few tank, jeep and APC models, and it works just
fine. Using textures is a bit tricky/sucky though, so I've avoided
textures (for now).

Using OpenSceneGraph has also been a good choice, as I've been able to do
creative things instead of fighting with all kinds of low level OpenGL
issues. My little silly tank game now allows the player to drive around in
various vehicles in not-too-ugly terrain shooting up other (sitting duck)
vehicles. A few more hours and it's a good Battlefield 1942 clone. :)

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