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Re: Anyone on this list?

Saying that Loki failed due to the community failling it is somewhat 
unfair. Reading some articles around the place (such as 
http://www.linuxandmain.com/features/lokistory.html) you often get the 
impression that it was more due to internal company and management 
issues than anything else.

> I must agree the community seems less than willing to help its' self grow
> past novelty. Loki was the last serious attempt at setting up following for
> Linux gaming and the community failed to answer the call. I enjoy Linux and
> hope it can grow past the ideology that only super users can make it work
> properly. As far as gaming is concerned I program for cross platform
> compatability. Thus far I have yet to find anyone willing to test the Linux
> builds. Face the facts. The linux community is the problem, not the
> hardware/software. Until they embrace gaming with Linux it will remain the
> domain of Windows. As a developer I don't care what platform it is on so
> long as it is worth my time. 
> Steven Bradley
>>Jan Ekholm:
>>>The hardcore strategy game market is small even on Windows, so it has to
>>>miniscule on Linux, and thus nobody really even develops pet strategy
>>>games on Linux. The exception is the glorious FreeCiv. :)
>>I'm working on a strategy game, and i found no one seriously interested in
>>helping me, or even just telling me what's wrong with it...
>>Even worse, all the people wich swore to be interested in it left me just 
>>once i relied on them... quite the same thing happened to Arianne....
>>LGDC is quite dead (no update since June)... there's no community around 
>>linux gaming!
>>The only way i could play under linux was StarCraft + Winex...
>>I'd tried gladly Pingus (i'll beta-test it) and lots of other games, but
>>could i know about it?
>>There is no community, i feel quite alone and i feel that what i'm doing 
>>interests none... anyone else feeling this?
>>I'll continue developing Xarvh myself, but the overall situation seems
>>Francesco Orsenigo

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