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Re: Anyone on this list?

Stephen J Baker:
> > Yes, i know, i've lots of good ideas none likes... =)
> > And i've also refused to join lots of projects, because they didn't meet
> > my tastes....
> **EXACTLY**.  So why are you suprised that people won't drop what they
> are doing to join your project?
After all it's true.
If someone has the time and the interest in making a game, he has already 
started *his own* project....
However i'd like more feedback...

> > So, they'll join when all work's over...
> Maybe.  If your game is extensible, people may produce cool
> extensions for it - extra levels - that kind of thing.
> Once there are already a lot of people playing it that is - and
> presuming you've built a game that's able to accomodate
> customisation.

Every game wich targets to more than a single user should provide 

> I don't think so.  People who are writing 3D games using PLIB are not
> producing Tetris and Bomberman clones.  They may not be writing Quake
> either - but these are reasonably complex, modern-looking games.

To be honest i'm working with Linux only in the hope that things will 

Francesco Orsenigo