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Re: Anyone on this list?

You've taken my word for it eh?

Ingo Ruhnke:
> The problem is that one has to run the game before really seening the
> difference between 2 years of work and a weekend spend making a few
> nice artworks.
I think the problem is that is a complex game, with complex functions and 
rules... has not a quick appeal, and thats a bad drawback...

> I tried now to download and compile it, but "it didn't work":
> $ ./xarvh
> Xarvh 0.1a, Copyright (C) 2002 by Francesco Orsenigo.
> xarvh_init: unable to find any xarvhrc file.
> Xarvh Interface starting.
> data_open_base: opened `./cursor.mrl`.
> data_open_base: opened `./fbig.mrl`.
> data_open_base: opened `./font14.mrl`.
> data_open_base: opened `./counters.mrl`.
> data_open_base: opened `./menu.mrl`.
> data_open_base: opened `./pick.mrl`.
> data_open_base: opened `./land.mrl`.
> mmi_setup: a required file, `overmap.mrl`, was not opened.
> $
> A few suggestion, just have one tarball with src + data, not two
> seperate ones unless it gets huge (>10MB) and you expect to have code
> changes much more often than data changes.

This seems a good suggestion....

> Add a few makefiles to the thing, I want to type ./configure && make
> and have something I can run, copy&pasting something out of a compile
> howto, is not really what I like. Using autoconf can sometimes cause
> more throuble than good, so just placing the command from the COMPILE
> file into the makefile is perfectly ok. Follow the normal naming
> conventions of README, INSTALL and Co, nameing files differently will
> just require people to search longer or give up if they can't figure
> out how to run it.

Maybe you'll be surprised but:
I know nothing about bash scripting, makefiles, debug, cvs (to download 
pingus i just copyied and pasted the commands...)
If someone does not notice it, how can i know that i must insert a file named 
`INSTALL` and not `COMPILE`?
I had gladly liked to put a configure script and makefile if i could....

> Pack the news on the homepage on a different page, currently one has
> to scroll the page down completly to find some generic game info.
I learned just the few HTML necessary to write that site... I must rewrite it 
(but it needs time! is better using it for programming or for publishing?)

> Once everything is nicly packaged and works out-of-the-box for most
> people, make an announcement on happypenguin.org and other news sites.
> Make sure that you have a good looking screenshot at hand to place it
> in the announcment and a clear description.

Thanx for all good tips.