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ANN: Moonlight|3D 0.1.0 released


Finally, we've managed to build a first release of the totally rewritten 
Moonlight|3D. This first relesae is aimed mainly at developers interested in 
3D modelling and programming. The program is not feature complete enough to 
support productive work, but the basics should be layed out by the end of the 

This modelling tools is by design totally different from any other open source 
tool out there as its aim is to be very flexible, extendable and 
customizable. Our vision is that one day this tool can be used for generic 
high-end animation as well as for highly specialized game content editing.

We invite all interested parties to have a first critical look at what we are 
up to with this project. Feedback is always appreciated.

You can get binary relesaes for Windows and Linux from


Note that this program requires SUN JRE/JDK 1.5 or higher to run. It currently 
is limited to these two platforms only as it depends on some native code 
which we cannot provide for other systems.


PS: linked site is currently down. It should come back up any minute, though.