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BS tutorial ver 0.0.2

Hey Group-
Here is the latest code from my attempt at a 2-D action game.  I'm posting
this code as sort of an interactive tutorial that hopefully will accomplish
several things, among them:
1)  provide a blue-print on all aspects of game creation for inexperienced
game developers (such as myself)
2)  get insight/help from veteran developers
3)  Provide code/tools that can be used by members of this list
4)  Make a great game!

You can check out the todo list to see what it does so far (and a little of
what is planned).

I've also had to create a few utilities, these are:
pngclrs will print the colors of all the pixels in a list of png images
medcut.pl is a perl script that will take the output from pngclrs and
dither all the colors down to 256 total colors
pngtorle will take the output from medcut.pl and convert files from the png
format to a tiny rle format
football.png is a small png picture of a football

You can run them like this:
pngclrs *.png|perl medcut.pl|pngtorle *.png
(See attached file: bs-0.0.2.tgz)
Please comment/criticize/fix/etc... as necessary, that's what it's here

.ZIP File