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Re: Fwd: LinuxGames Homepage

Jorrit Tyberghein wrote:

>> express my exact problems, so it would be nice if you could take a look at
>> the site post some ideas on how the layout/structure could be done.
>Ok, after looking at the site the first remark is that I would use frames (IMHO).

Uh oh. Well,

(1) I hate frames because they're not nice to browse with lynx
(2) I love frames because they make big sites much more controllable

Hmmmm, <mumble>, hmmmmmmmm, <grmbl>, hmmMmmmMmmmm, <ommm>, Hmmmmmmmmm ... M

Ok, my math teacher told me that 2 > 1 so I think we should use frames ;+)

But - I never used frames. I don't know how to write them.
Jorrit ... ? Do you have a bit spare time?? ;+)
I can send you the current homepage (all the files) via email (it's not
much right now)...

>Make a contents frame at the left with subjects like: news, links, site updates, ...
>and a main frame at the right which contains the frame contents.
>Now there isn't much information in any of the three sub-pages but when this
>grows it will become unwieldy to put it all together.
>This is just my opinion. If you don't like frames then so be it :-)

Ian, what do you mean?


God loves Black & White, but i prefer Jim Bea