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Re: website

Henti Smith wrote:

>started working on a template for the new linux games development center
>you'll find it at http://games/tudogs.co.za/new

Typo: it's http://games.tudogs.co.za/new/

>please let me know where you'd like changes and to what .. also ... more

Hmm, lemme see... The surfbar on the top/bottom is too low contrast (yellow
text on red background). And perhaps if you use a bit less <hr> tags - it
looks a bit confusing right now (Some of them are also mis-aligned here in
kfm).  Also better use percentages for table widths etc. The contents look
a bit lost when viewed at 1024x768 IMHO.

Ok, so much to the layout. Now about the structure...
Did you follow the contents/structure thread initiated by Magnus? It's
propably the best source of information about the site we have now.

Here's the (updated)  site structure:

Front Page

	- Available Tools
		- Platform dependent SDKs
		- lowlevel Platform independent SDKs
		- Highlevel Platform independent SDKs
		- Applications etc (TheGimp, egcs, jdk, ...)

	- Comparison of SDKs 
	   (helping game programmers to choose the right tools)

	- Discussions/Contacting
		- The Mailing list
		- irc meeting summaries (moved here from the PPlay site)
		- Editorials and collected news

	- Compatibility standards
	   (Specifications of common code etc)

	- Example games (a variation of the former "Projects" page)

	- Related sites (??)
	   Links that don't fit into the other categories, like
	   Scene Zone (http://alumina.universation.net/)
	   (Note: I just found these and havent checked all of them)

* I'm not sure about the "Developers" page of the old site. What is it meant
for, Ian? Perhaps we can extend it to some "Experts willing to help with
problems" page - but questions should be generally posted to the mailing

* What about having a short description to each of the parts on the main
page? Like:
<a href="Related.html">Related Sites</a>
<p>Here you can find in-depth information on related topics</p>

* If we do the above the "What's this site about" text will be more or less
obsolete. Instead we should IMHO have some "Site history" page explaining
why and how it was created, including some of the proposals that led to it
(i.e. Ians original proposal, Charles' meta-project one etc)

What do you think?

>information about the site itself would be helpfull :))

I hope the above helps a bit ;)

>Later .. I'm offe home .. sleep time ..

Good night. 


PS: The linuxgames access is working again, so we can put the site up as
soon as we have something usable

"use the source, luke." (obi-wan gnuobi)