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Re: /. editorial

Charles Durst wrote:

[For all ppl who could't follow things closely - this is about the Slashdot
editorial announcing the new Meta Project and issuing a call for developers]

>I'm really sorry, but I have been running around like crazy this week
>preparing for the conference next week.
>I haven't had the chance to rewrite my original proposal.


Well, it looks as if the website setup (Linuxgames) and the website updates
(SDK projects) take longer than expected anyway...

>However I did want to mention a few things:
>    1) The CNET guys seem to have forgotten all about "looking into
>       games for Linux".  They didn't mention them at all.

Ugh. Losers :(   But - this means we have much more time now which is
propably a Really Good Thong (TM)...

>    2) I'm beginning to think that the eventual announcement should be a 
>       FreshMeat editorial rather than a SlashDot one ... then people
>       could read it without all the flamage down below it.  It should

Hmm, it would have been interesting to prove that it's poosible to write a
/. editorial that's NOT flamed at - but I'm not sure if it actually is
possible... ;)

You're right. Freshmeat is prehaps a better place for it..

>       still be announced on Slashdot though.

>    3) It should definitely begin with some sort of statement of the
>       Rationale for the idea.

Yes, if ppl don't understand its background, they'll just think of it as
"yet another startup project".

>    4) It should emphasize that many other projects were contacted (and
>       should list them).  It should clearly indicate that anyone else's
>       input would be greatly appreciated.  And it should try to show
>       that we've been going about this while trying to gather as much
>       input as possible ... and that now we need more.  This is all to

And that all other Linux gamedev projects we don't know of please should
mail us!

>       prevent what happened to the LSA from happening to us.

Yep. The LSA left the community in a VERY critical mood towards everything
somehow dealing with "standards" .

>    5) It should incorporate any/all other ideas that have been
>       expressed in the mailing list, IRC, and web postings wrt the
>       proposal.

Hmmm, most of the key elements should be in the "history" document I
assembled, but I'll also look through the IRC summaries again and collect
the remaining ideas etc.

>Sorry I don't have anything more to give you at this point.  I'll try to 
>work on it on the plane, but feel free to write one up yourselves if you 
>need it sooner.

IMHO it doesn't make much sense to post it sooner, as our webpages will
take at least another week... 
We'll at least collect items that should go into it and make a more
detailed list....


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