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I was looking at the screenshot of the pacman clone at the clanlib webset
(clanlib.org) and decided to hack out a more 3-D pacman of the 90's.  Here
it is, along with the Pov-ray code that will generate a sequence of images,
for use in animating the pac.  If you like it feel free to use it, modify
it, whatever.  If you do, let me know and I could probably hack out some
3-D ghosts as well.
p.s.  I'm also sending this to the linuxgames mailing list because I
thought others might be interested in using, modifying, or just looking at
it as an example of how to use Pov-ray to give a more 3-D feel to 2-D
(See attached file: pac03.tga)(See attached file: Pac.tgz)


.ZIP File