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Re: SDL vs GGI

>> If the advantage is that it at least work in X, then
>> tell me why I wouldn't use Xlib instead and gain the ability to pop
>> multiple windows and support cut & paste?
>I tried to program with Xli, and I gave up. Too hard.

Xlib has a "learning cliff". It's actually not that hard once you know it, but
there's no easy entry. In order to do much of anything you have to carry huge
lumps of information about in your head, there's no easy entry level, and even
being fair, there isn't much in the way of tutorials or examples.

It's also fiddly: getting thing to work at all pixel depths and all screen sizes
and with all the bobbins that X11 handles takes some effort if it's to be fast.

Having said that, don't dismiss it out of hand. You can do quite nice stuff with