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Re: SDL vs GGI

>Why would I install 10 games libraries when 1 will be sufficient? >That's
>just like installing 10 unix like OSes on my hard drive because their
>software is a bit different.

Games are not like databases. Getting one set of libraries to run every game is
not practical: rogue, doom, xpilot, mario. Completely different
requirements:completely different libraries needed.

>From my own personal point of view, I went and looked at all the millions of 3D
game libraries in development and I couldn't find a single one that was
finished, reliable and did what I needed. So I'm working on top of OpenGL.

It would be nice to have some standardisation, but it aint gonna happen - look
at the Windows market... on top of Direct3D, everyone builds their own stuff.
It's just better hidden.