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Re: SDL vs GGI

>> not practical: rogue, doom, xpilot, mario. Completely different
>> requirements:completely different libraries needed.

>But do games programming require so high level libraries to have one
>different for each kind of games?

Well, no. Trivially, games of these genres all run on X11 - they have X11 in
common. Much higher than that and you do start to see the problems: Xpilot runs
in real-time, if you don't do anything the game world keeps running, whereas the
rogue-likes don't... they wait for a keypress each time round the game-loop.
Rogues use ASCII characters for output, mario-likes need sprites and scrolling
routines. These are all big architectural differences.

In general tho, the more general a library, the slower it is to use - simply
      because every extra genericity adds a choice which the program must make.