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Re: SDL vs GGI

Steve Baker wrote:

>Who cares if you get 500Hz with one scheme, 200Hz with another
>and only 100Hz with X - it's of monumental unimportance.

Time saved at graphics can be spent for other parts.

>Hence, the issue of speed (for 2D at least) is a done deal. We have
>*PLENTY* of performance.  So, let's use the spare capacity to make
>the system more convenient.  You really can't claim that console
>mode (even with multiple virtual consoles) is more convenient than

Sometimes it is. I'm in the console most of the time and I prefer playing
games fullscreen. I'd *love* to be able to simply type Civ<Tab> in the
console and have the game running. If the gfx setup is good (as KGI+libggi
will be) I then can simply switch to another console and run lynx for
browsing etcetc.

I'm not opposed to having hames running under X - I just don't like
limiting the choice to X.


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