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Linux Library Project, Game libraries


I had the idea about a year ago, but nobody was interested back then.
Perhaps you are interested:
I have the idea to create the "Linux Library Project". It should be a
project like the Linux Documentation Project, which aims to
coordinate all the Libraries that are available for Linux.
What it should do:
*Establish a platform for all the library developers to communicate.
*Create a library package:
  The kernel is package of all the drivers and the kernel
  LDP is a package of all the manpages, infos, ...
  So the Library should be a package of all the libraries.
  We should collect all the libraries that are possibly intersting,
bring them together, generate one big source-tree and precompiled
versions for all platforms. So this would be a place, where problems
with compiling on different platforms, problems with the dependencies
of libraries, ... could be solved.
The library package should be a distribution-independent package.
We should enforce all major distributions (like SuSE, RedHat, ...) to
just include the "Library package" into their distributions, so we
should work together with them.
When the enduser finds a game, or an application on the web, and he
sees "libmikmod, glibc3.y, ... required", then the only thing he
should have to do it to fetch the current version of the library
package, precompiled for his architecture, install it, and then be
able to play the game. We should give the library package a version
number, so that they only have to say on an application: "Requires:
Kenel 2.4.x (x>=4), Libraries >= 19991104, Computer >= 300 MHz".

The LLP could be a platform to discuss Threading, i18n,
architecture-differencies, .....
What I want to be in there are all libraries from glibc, Xlib, ggi,
Mesa, QT, Gnome-libs... just everything from /lib and /usr/lib.

I have the idea, but I do not have the time and ressources to 
realize this project, so I hope some finds the idea interesting, and
realizes it.

I think it would be interesting to start the project out of the
Linuxgames scene, because then we could integrate all our game
libraries like SDL, ggi, ....... in the package, and they would be in
the distributions earlier, which helps all the "game-developers",
which depend on the installed libraries!

Many greetings,
~ Philipp Gühring              p.guehring@poboxes.com
~ http://www.poboxes.com/p.guehring  ICQ UIN: 6588261
~ Please change p.guehring@xpoint.at to p.guehring@poboxes.com