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console vs X (was Re: SDL vs GGI)

Hello, some of the stuff mentioned here, I just had to respond to

--- Brett_A._Letner@NOTES.UP.COM wrote:
> >> Is it providing any benefit?
> >Yep.
> For you, not for me.  Why must there only be only one right way to do
> things?
I actually use both.  I code and do all the fun stuff in console.  I then test programs in X,
which might cnage since the svgalib version now workds better on my setup.  just to let you know,
this is Cruystal Space I am using, so i Can do this easy switch between my program using X and

I agree.  This is true with any soft/hardware holy war.  Why has there to be ONE right way.  Some
people like advantages in one thing, and some like afvantages in others.
This is true for the vi(which I use) vs Emacs, BSD vs Linux, KDE vs GNOME vs CDE vs Whatever else.

> >>Evidently!...I wonder why?  Presumably there is something you
> >>do that I don't.  Can you give me some examples of things I
> >>could try that make it die horribly?
> e.g.A couple of months ago I tried to install one of the xdm clones (wdm or
> gdm I don't remember which).  Upon startup it froze my screen, and disabled
> my keyboard and mouse.  I don't know if this was a problem with X, [g|w]dm,
> or an error I made during installation(most likely :) But really, I don't
> care.  User programs should simply not be able to force a reboot.

The only times I ahve had an improer shutdown is from X also.  I have not succesfully gotten the
StarOffice to install.  I have narrowed it down to If itm gains focus, Bye Bye machine.

Other stuff has crashed X.  Sometimes I haven;t even been able to load it.  Sometimes I have had
font server problems, or problems with it using the incorrect video server.  Also, Somehow a lib
needed by WindowMaker got corrupted, I think.  So it couldn't load, so I had to install BlackBox
to do anything until, which helped me narrow it down to a bad package.

CPU: 133
RAM: 48
hard Drive: 1 Gb, 8 Gb
Video:  S3 Virge DX


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