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Re: Fwd: Re: MySQL on SunSITE

Paul Tiseo schrieb:
>         I am currently getting things working with Esben (a.k.a bart) and we will
> soon be operational. I somehow still cannot log on directly, but this is a
> minor issue as I used to be able to log on before. Database tables can be
> designed in php3, and phpMyAdmin, now and will work.

Very good.

>         Just in case anyone is interested, here's the last word from Dave Astle,
> from gamedev.com:
> >Anyway, don't feel like I am trying to push this through or that we are
> >desperate
> >to host your site.  We have a large number of sites we are discussing
> >hosting with,
> >each targeting specific area, because we would like to make the "net" part
> >of our
> >name more than just a name.  We think LGDC is without question the top Linux
> >game
> >development site, and would love to work with you.

What about if we stay with sunsite but mirror the site at gamedev.net?
That way we have our favourite hosts (donīt take this personal, Dave ;)
and gamedev.net has the local Linux part.
Shouldnīt be too difficult, right (well, except for the auto-submit
parts, i.e. DB write ops, but that shouldnīt matter too much)?