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Re: Interview

>Wow, you're fast.  Interesting read !
I offered it, so have to do it.

>So what do we do, start from here for an article, or do the interview :)
Well, I like this style of interview.

>For an interview, how about "How was nonmusic sound done ?"  

Well, the problem is that our sound staff didn´t create any nonmusic
sound. So the problem didn´t arise.

>But maybe
>before answering we first decide on the format and Q set ? :)
>> missing in our data-files. What to do? I decided to fread groups of
>> the members of the struct by hand, which is not a nice solution, but
>> the only practical, because I really wanted to reuse the old files.
>Are you considering ports to machines with other endianness btw ?..
We are just doing what the people want. If someone tells me, that he
wants it running on his machine, then there are two possibilities:
He does is on his own (the sourcecode is always included), or he
gives me the hardware, that I can do it.

>In that case the work already done here in this per-member reading would
>ease the way for on the fly byteswapping I guess..
Well, I didn´t thought about those problems yet. But I think it is
possible to byte-swap it while reading in.
But isn´t this a thing PenguinFile should do?

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