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Re: Interview

Borko Jandras wrote:

> > After having ported Würstelstand successfully to Linux, I want to
> > offer an interview, if anyone is interested.
> Usually *you* wait until *someone* offers to interview you. I know it's a
> waste of time waiting for someone to realize how cool you really are and
> to send you questions, but that's the traditional way. It's like offering to
> buy a girl a drink instead of walking to her and asking her if she wants to
> fuck with you.

Huh ?  Questions and experiences from Philip have triggered interesting
debates several times, showing that the problems he had to solve (such
as the installation/packaging thing) are something many people face.
So obviously it would be nice to write an article about it -- and since so
many people are interested  the next logical step is asking the
audience what we'd want the article to focus on.  Which technically speaking
makes it an interview.



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