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Re: Interview

> Huh ?  Questions and experiences from Philip have triggered interesting
> debates several times, showing that the problems he had to solve (such
> as the installation/packaging thing) are something many people face.
> So obviously it would be nice to write an article about it -- and since so
> many people are interested  the next logical step is asking the
> audience what we'd want the article to focus on.  Which technically speaking
> makes it an interview.

I already asked Philipp to write a short introduction about himself for
the interview. The next step would then be to ask him some questions,
right :)

So, start asking. I'll collect the questions and continue with Philipp
with them. The other possibility would be to ask him to answer the
questions in this mailing list. That, on the other hand, will be messy
and the results difficult to edit.