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OpenGL scenegraph

Hi there,

I'm currently working on a small pet-project which I think could be of
interest for people struggling with understanding OpenGL. For a
biochemical visualisation project I had to deal with a lot of OpenGL data
of various kind, and using plain OpenGL was a bit hard. Open Inventor did
not quite cut it either, and it wasn't free either. So, I ended up
creating an own simple scenegraph on top of OpenGL. It is very
lightweight, easy to use and still somewhat limited in functionality,
maybe even buggy. It however worked fine for displaying the proteins I
needed it for...

Now I wonder if someone is interested in using such a beast, maybe even
helping out with coding? It consists of ~50 different types of scene-nodes
and ~12000 lines of well-documented (using doxygen) and commented code. It
uses autoconf and should compile fine on any Linux at least.

Nodes that are implemented include cameras, lights, texture-mapping,
planes, lines, spheres, cylinders, boxes, vertex arrays, fog, display
lists, translations, rotations, scaling, colors, materials, vertexes and
vectors, as well as various small classes for setting different options
(antialias, smooth shading etc). The classhierarchy is very easy and new
classes can very easily be created according to needs.

I keep on working with this library although I don't work anymore for the
place where I initially developed it. It has been a good reason for me to
learn a lot about the finer aspects of OpenGL, as well as understand the
ideas behind it all. I still know far from everything, but as I develop
further functionality I think I'll learn what I need. The 'Red Book' is
king here.

Anyway, is anyone interested? It's all GPL and currently without specific
docs (apart from the class-docs), and only available via CVS. If this
sounds interesting to you, please contact me for for more info.

 Jan 'Chakie' Ekholm |    CS at Åbo Akademi University, Turku, Finland
    Linux Inside     | I'm the blue screen of death, no-one hears you scream