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tutorial critique


I wrote a really bad tutorial a bit ago, and I want to write more really bad
tutorials, but I want to make them less bad :) I was hoping I could get some
people to read over the one I released and critique it? It'd also be neat to
get some ideas for what tutorials are wanted/needed. I was starting up a
website that was supposed to be a bunch of tutorials on game development in
linux, but I seem to lack the motivation/time for a larger scale project like
that. What I got is a bunch of small well documented simple programs for use in
tutorials at http://shells.clipboard.com/~br0ke/gamedev/. The tutorial I made
that sucked real bad was on joysticks and is

Any kind of feedback would be greatly appreciated, I'm mostly interested in
feedback on content and structure (I know the spelling and grammer probably
suck badly, but I got a friend who's an english major, and I can steal him from
 his book I think)      

another thing, um, I tried using the template that's provided to make it easy,
but I couldn't get it to work, I think my demo page had an unbalanced table or
something? are there header and footer html's that can be used for those? mebbe
a cgi I can throw on my webserver to test? I tend to do most of my writing when
I'm tired and/or drunk, so trying to cut thru deeply nested tables just isn't
gonna work ... :)

thanks :)

        -Erik <br0ke@math.smsu.edu> [http://shells.clipboard.com/~br0ke]

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