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Re: CS results on Console and X

On 04-Sep-99 Steve Baker wrote:
> Cubesoft wrote:
>> Also someone(bad with rememberuing names) suggested usleep(1) and sleep(0)
>> every frame for speed.
> That's usually recommended for programs that otherwise would consume
> 100% of
> CPU time.  It gives the kernel the opportunity to schedule other
> critical
> processes.

um, I'd rather have the framerate than breathing room for background crap...
wiht my crappy old hardware, I basically kill off everything I possably can
just to get a game playable... :) 'sides, there's enough of a halt on vidsync's
and/or buffer writes that the kernel can slip in something else if necessary. I
wonder if quake and/or glquake use(s) one of those. Low priority programs still
suck up a little cpu when one of those is running, and anything grabbing
anything noticable can fsck my game up ... :)

> It's necessary - but it won't speed your code up at all.
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