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Re: (OT) Re: memory management

>I have no idea why anno 1999 people keep starting projects with intros like
>"so I'm starting this game/editor/compiler/... and need some SDKs *but*
>no C++ !!!".... :(

Cracks me up. Then there's all the people who want to code in assembly language,
and want to start banging on the metal... I mean, heck, how hard can it be: I
own three PCs and there are five different graphics cards amongst them... won't
take long to support everything...

I'm assembling my team for the next project, and so far the language spec is
that it will be in C++ for the graphics bit (down to where it meets OpenGL) and
the AI chap will almost certainly want to work in Lisp... and I'm tempted to
design a language of my own to start expressing some of the combat physics in...

And we're doing the C++ properly. If I have to kill the rest of the team and
then raise them from the dead in order to get them to obey my will as absolute
law, that's what I'll do. We're doing it properly...