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Re: (OT) Re: memory management

On 07-Sep-99 Bert Peers wrote:
> Borko Jandras wrote:
>> On Mon, Sep 06, 1999 at 05:08:08PM +0200, Bert Peers wrote:
>> > I have no idea why anno 1999 people keep starting projects with intros
>> > like
>> > "so I'm starting this game/editor/compiler/... and need some SDKs *but*
>> > no C++ !!!".... :(
>> Those who speak like that are mostly those that never learned any PL except
>> C++. I had too much time on my hands so I learned C, Objective-C, C++,
>> Common
>> Lisp, Scheme and Perl.

after I learned c++, I started programming and hacking on linux ('96) so I
learned C because it's what most stuff is written in. I also learned scheme and
perl, but C is my mostest favoritist :) 

> Actually I should have said : "... and need some SDKs but no OOP".  Because
> that
> is what the general sentiment actually is, the kernel and other "real world"
> stuff
> is still
> written in C so that's interpreted like "for the real work, C++ is still too
> slow/immature/obfuscated/beta/whatever".  At least that's the impression I
> get from
> watching some Linux developers.  OO is academic and C++ is slow.
>   That's what the comment was about, not C++ in particular.  I think Ada95 is
> better

OOP is a design philosophy, and a damn good one. I personally think c++ is a
bad implementation of oop. I think for some things, oop is a great design
philosophy tho :) Real work is done in whatever language is best suited. Most
linux stuff is C because until recently g++ was crap. it's getting better tho, was lacking, egcs was ok, 2.95.1 seems ok. If you look at professional
development, or windows development (two completely opposite spectrums? :) then
you see a lot of C++.

> OO than C++, and Java has some nice stuff too (eg the inner classes).

java's pretty nice :)

>> My hart goes to Scheme. Objective-C is such a useful and
>> clean/small addition to C that I just can't belive nobody uses it. OTOH C++
>> is
>> such a messy bloat that I can't belive anybody would wan't to use it!

I never sat down and learned objC. I'm probly missing something really neat

> This I guess is a matter of taste.  But again that's not what I meant to
> argue,
> maybe you're right in that Objective-C can offer more robustness and cleaner
> interfaces if a C++ SDK would be redesigned in O-C - but the problem is that
> the Linux community doesn't want OO at all, be it clean or bloated.

I think the linux community does want OO. GTK+ is an example of OO C... 

>> All will argue that C++ offers you many useful things, like function and
>> operator overloading, multiple inheritance and templates, but 90% of those
>> will
>> later agree that operator overloading is a bad thing and should not be used,
>> multiple inheritance creates more problems than it's worth and templates
>> should
>> be avoided at all costs. What is left then?
> Is that the 90% of the community that's not getting enough time off from
> their day
> jobs to keep educated on the latest software tech ? :^)  I don't know why
> templates
> are evil, and imho overloading is cool too, but talks about may be better
> taken
> offline
> (unless nobody, er, objects ofcourse)

I don't mind unwinable arguments (kde/gnome, c/c++, vim/emacs) as long as they
stay civil and provide real insight to both sides :) But I'm just one grain of
sand on the beach

>> "some SDKs *but* no C++"? Well yes, if using a C++ library means giving up
>> on C,
>> Objective-C and Scheme for my project.
> Hmyeah, but what's the point then of an otherwise brilliant piece of code
> like Gtk ?
> Have you been checking code that's using that SDK...  Yeah it's C, but the
> "let's
> imitate
> C++" semantics is stressed up to the point that the whole thing becomes
> practically
> unreadable.  It's basically OO but with every improvement that this would
> bring and
> which would normally be implemented by the compiler, done by hand the hard
> way.

it'd be a bitch to write a beast like gtk+, but I enjoy USING it. I'm glad they
did it, I'm glad they did it the way they did, and if I had the time, I'd help
them where I could :) (I'm even on all the gtk+ and gnome mailing lists, and
write apps using gtk+ and gnome, ooOOooo)

> I don't know, don't mean to ramble here but I just can't get my head round to
> the
> way
> some developers reason.  Talking about the wrong tool for the job, imho...
>   Or maybe this is all just happening because until recently the GNU C++
> couldn't
> touch the GNU C compiler, and templates were all goofy too...
> Bert
> --
> -=<Short Controlled Bursts>=-

ok, I just gotta say this to fan the flames. OOP is a design philosophy. C++ is
a language. C++ != OOP and OOP != C++. C++ can be linear, and C can be OOP.
apples and oranges. (am I wrong? I deal with some windows programmers who don't
seem to understand that oop and c++ are not synonymous, and not even the same
LEVEL. They also don't understand that compilers and ide's are different things
*shrug* :)

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