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Re: (OT) Re: memory management

Borko Jandras wrote:

> I would say that the opinion goes that any PL other than C should be avoided
> for SDKs just because it is not C. Nothing about C++ or OO. This is IMHO a
> valid point and a point I'm behind 100%. Is C heaven sent? No. Should C be
> replaced by something better? Yes. Is C++ that thing? Absolutely NO! Does that
> thing exist right now? No.

The other problem with C++ as a language for specifying API's is that
have to expose lots of implementation details in the header file...and
also frighteningly easy to break existing binaries when you do a library

This is a serious problem for OS API's - but less so for higher level
and things that are more application-specific.

(Dragging things back on topic here)

So, I feel somewhat justified in writing ALL my interfaces in C++
it greatly simplifies coding compared to C...but if I were writing
lower level API's, I'd (reluctantly) use C.

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