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Re: Hello everybody, everybody hello...

"Cyprien" <croudet@club-internet.fr> writes:

>> I'm using SDL for my games and I really love it. It has support for:
>> sound,graphic(X - fullscreen adn windowed),cd-rom,events(like key and
>> mouse handling) and threads. It runs under: Linux,Win32,MacOS,BeOs and
>> some others. But it's C.

> Have you ever try Clanlib ???

Jep, I have, but I wouldn't use it for a tron like game. Clanlib has
nice surface handling, etc, but ClanLib is mainly focused on 2d Sprite
games, for a tron like game I would think, that you need drawing
primitives and similar stuff (put_line, put_pixel, ...) and Clanlib
didn't has most of such functions at the moment. But ClanLib has basic
OpenGL support, so you could use ClanLib along with OpenGL, but be
aware the OpenGL support is still far from being final, there is a lot
of stuff missing.

Just for the people who are interessted, I have written a tron clone myself
some years ago, its available at, but be aware its written in QBASIC ;-)


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