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Re: (OT) Re: memory management

>Wouldn't work. The kickers is vtable layout: if it changes, you're

Yes, remembered that just after I pushed "send".

>But there's this interesting thing in newer egcs (that I don't have)
>about a thunk-based virtual method lookup... It does makes many people
>scream tho (libraries compiled in this way are incompatible with
>vtable-based libraries).

I'd recommend getting it. 1 - it's the new "official" g++ compiler.
2 - it's quite good. 3 - everyone else uses it. Comes as std on most
distribs these days.

It is, I have to say, a whole steaming great pile of cheery happiness better
than most commercial compilers. I can't quite get over the whole

"We can't do X with the thousand quid a seat compiler and have to do all these
horrid buggy workrounds that someone who left the company years ago came up
with, of course the manufacturer is promising us a new version really quite
soon/has gone out of business."

"Why not use egcs ?"

"Are you *MAD*, it's not SUPPORTED BY ANYONE!"

Amongst the group of people I know we now use the word "strategic" to describe
products like that, and, say Lotus Notes, that get used in defiance of all
observable reason.