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Re: (OT) Re: OpenGL scenegraph

Jan Ekholm wrote:

> Oh, I didn't mean to offend math... :-) I just don't like math that much,
> and don't like to prove stuff just to see som stupid matrices work.I want
> math to be something where you have a nice documented formula into
> which you shove numbers and get nice results in the other end of
> the formula. Math is a tool for me. It should work out of the box. I don't
> want to tinker with it.

"A computer is a tool. It should work out of the box. End users don't
want to tinker with it, they want to get things done."

This kind of attitude begat such horrors as Windows. We're sort of on a
slippery slope towards having all our knowledge bottled up in "black
boxes" instead of using our brains. Complex things, whether they be as
concrete as a computer or automobile, or abstract like a mathematical
procedure, never "just work", unfortunately, so a little insight into
*how* they work is the Right Thing. :)