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Re: please help

>>>>> "Christian" == Christian Reiniger <warewolf@mayn.de> writes:

Christian> Michael Maher wrote:
>> I can't unsubscribe from penguinplay@sunsite.auc.dk or
>> linuxgame@sunsite.auc.dk.  The address in question is
>> mike@redhat.com an=
Christian> d
>> b/c I'm not unsubscribing from that domain I can't get off.

Christian> Bad. Sunsite people, please help (the
Christian> unsubscribe_address@... won't work here, right?)

Maybe.  It is not necessary to send the confirmation reply from the
address in question, so unless no forwarding from the old address is
setup there should be no problem.  Just send a mail to
and reply to the confirmation request from ezmlm.

If this is not possible the list owner/moderator can always subscribe
and unsubscribe people without any further fuzz.  So if the list
owner just send an email to the above mentioned address everything
should be in order.

After your "takeover" I have not set you as list owner and added you
as moderator.  Should I remove speter@essi.fr as moderator ?

The moderator for linuxgames@sunsite.auc.dk is icrawfor@uoguelph.ca

caffeine low .... brain halted