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The Book Project and the Book Guy

Hello All,
This is the guy that wanted to get people together to write the game
programming book all thouse years ago :)
Well I had difficulty sending mail to the list from my regular account a
while back and was going through some personal difficulies at the same time
so did not get around to changing my email address. 
Hopefully thats all behind me, so anyone that was helping me write the book
and would like to continue or have been writing sections that I never
recived please send them to me. There is a skeleton of what was done at the
following http:

On a compleatly different note Paul is doing a great job on the web page, I
do seem to have difficulty downloading it from home (I have a 14.4 modem) I
do like the suggestion that somebody had of patterning the sdk libs like the
gametomb page where there a rating system based on the people that have
tryed to use the library.

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