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Re: archive ?!

>>>>> "TI95NEUK" == TI95NEUK  <TI95NEUK@de.ibm.com> writes:


>>> I just try to figure out what's the knowledge level on the list.
>>> And 2300+ mails are just about day "normal" days.
TI95NEUK> ^^^ should be ten ... of course ;)
>>> So I'll just assume I hade 2 weeks off ;)

>> How about looking at the newsgroup mirror? Point your newsreader at
>> news://sunsite.auc.dk/sunsite.linux.linuxgames ...

TI95NEUK> unfortunatly our firewall only let's through requests to
TI95NEUK> port 80 :(


I have dropped a 2MB tar ball with all the linuxgames mails at

Let me know when it is ok to delete it again.

caffeine low .... brain halted