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RE: game "related" / RL game tools


The current version has information for RMSS (RoleMaster) on all the races
and 7 of the professions (There are around 20 in the game).  Also I have
only half of the skill categories giving the right results.  So it is,
literally, half-way to usable.  I will be adding, in addition to the rest of
the professions and skill categories, pixmaps of characters so you can paste
a picture of your character to your save file.

If you know RoleMaster, you know how long it can take to complete just one
character.  Most of your time is spent calculating bonuses and weighing
options between different training packages that have complex results on
your character.  Hopefully this program can cut time for character
generation from 5 hours (average) down to some more reasonable amount (under
1 hour).

So far the "feature" list includes:
- Calculates profession bonuses, racial bonuses and rank bonuses.  Also
calculates the stat bonuses.
- Lists all the dev costs for each skill category as per your profession.
- Lists the primary stats for your profession.
- Allows you to enter your temp stats and skill category ranks.

Want to include:
- "locking" your potential stats to do stat gain rolls correctly.
- adding ability to enter special and item bonuses for both stats and skill
- add a pane for each category that allows you to choose which skills you
have in that category and calculate your bonuses for you.
- add pixmap support for character pictures.
- add printing of character sheets with "static" information already
- also add some sort of save feature.

I may end up changing this from tcl/tk to Java before it is over, as I know
Java much better.

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If you mean a program that can do things like generate a characture and or
determin random events and monster encounters then I would be very