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Re: Hugo Engine and Guilty Bastards for Linux released

Philipp Gühring <p.guehring@enemy.org> writes:

>> I just had a quick look at the webpage and its another text-adventure
>> system. Nobody out there writting a good 'old' SCUMM like adventure
>> building system for MonkeyIsland, IndyJones, etc style games?
> I developed a dialogue system (after playing several SCUMM games),
> which can be used for this.

Jep, just read your article and had a quick look at the sources of
Wuerstelstand. For a SCUMM like engine I would rewrite the stuff,
to add some more flexibility and portability. As far as I can see
your dialog system is Gfx Output dependend, what I would like is a
complete Gfx Output independend SCUMM logic lib, which just implement
the game logic, dialog management and object management, while the the
gfx output system would be completely seperated, so that the lib could
be used with OpenGL, GGI, etc. without problems. 

> By the way, are the SCUMM specifications/sourcecode available?

Do don't think so, AFAIK LucasArts released never something of their
specs. But the Sierra adventure engine is available, some people
started to rewrite it after reverse engeniering the thing. 

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