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Re: SCUMM system (was something different)

>Jep, just read your article and had a quick look at the sources of
How do you like the article? Was everything clear?

> For a SCUMM like engine I would rewrite the stuff,
>to add some more flexibility and portability. 

What exactly would you change? Only to fit your specific needs, or
general improvements? Do you already have ideas how to improve it?

>As far as I can see
>your dialog system is Gfx Output dependend,
>what I would like is a
>complete Gfx Output independend SCUMM logic lib, which just implement
>the game logic, dialog management and object management, while the the
>gfx output system would be completely seperated, so that the lib could
>be used with OpenGL, GGI, etc. without problems. 

I had the idea too. 
The problem is that Dialog needs a "menu" engine, which is
graphic target dependent.
But I don´t know how that should work.
Please tell me, if you find a solution for this.
I would be very interested to develop a linkable library out of

But on the other hand, Dialog is meant as a piece of code, which has
to be adopted to every environment, which uses it, because every game
(kind of game) has different needs. (Trading simulation, Adventure,

>> By the way, are the SCUMM specifications/sourcecode available?
>Do don't think so, AFAIK LucasArts released never something of their

I thought so.

>But the Sierra adventure engine is available, some people
>started to rewrite it after reverse engeniering the thing. 

Yes, I already took a look at it, but I didn´t found enough useful

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