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Re: Library/Tool database

	Yes, I am back. My house was not blown away, but I did have some small
repairs to do yesterday. Today, I put my computer back together and will be
online again. I took the system with me in the evacuation! :) My wife
thought I was insane. She's packing old family photos, heirlooms, financial
papers, etc and I'm trying to decide which CD-ROMs to take and which to
leave behind... :)

At 02:35 PM 9/16/99 +0200, you wrote:	
>So I'd say we *do* make a list of features, but an open one, so we can add
>new ones any time. And the library entries just have one text field

	It would certainly be open. Obviously, features change rapidly. However, I
think we can nail down quite a few common features shared by a few
libraries. We definitely must anticipate new SDK possibilites. The lists
would vary from category to category, ie a 3D SDK feature list, a
Networking feature list, etc. At a minimum, it would be good to help an SDK
maintainer make sure that his/her listing has all the features we could
think of in the listing so that a potential searcher doesn't overlook that

	The advantages of some amount of fixed listing is the ability (perhaps) of
allowing library maintainers to directly maintain their own listing on the
LGDC, with the LGDC serving as a "reminder service". I fear that with every
linux programmer and his/her uncle making some sort of SDK, this will
become a repetitive and onerous ordeal to maintain *all* libraries. I could
imagine a PHP script accesible only by the library maintainer and the LGDC
that allows each to edit their library entry.

	Perhaps some combination would be the most powerful way. A set of common
features and then a "comment" field that could house things not otherwise

	Incidentally, what does Freshmeat do to maintain their text listings? Is
there a group of maintainers that moderate the changes? Who has access to


Paul Tiseo