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Re: SCI (was: SCUMM system)

Christoph Reichenbach <creichen@rhein-main.netsurf.de> writes:

> IMHO, the best approach for adventure game development- maybe even for other
> games- would be to re-implement the basic principle behind SCI using modern
> tools, e.g. by embedding Python or Perl. All complex games need some
> sort of scripting nowadays- it tends to speed up development e.g. by making
> debugging easier- so why not use one of the ready and proven interpreters for
> this?

As said I want to implement the thing in guile. I have never played
with Python and only a bit with perl. But I have started playing around
with guile sometime ago and it doesn't look to difficult to build an
framework with it, it would also give a quite good level at

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