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Re: New package managment


>If such a scheme were to become more widespread, it would do GREAT
>for source-based packages.  People simply **HATE** following the paper
>trail to get all the libraries that a complex modern game needs.

Wow. Great idea.
Please realize it.
(I remember visiting the SGI homepage, they use something similar for
their binary packages)

But I have to question one thing:
In my opinion, there are two kinds of people.
The ones who don´t know enough about sourcecode.
  They don´t have compilers and stuff like that installed (What do
  I need a compiler for? I want to play a game, write some texts, ...)
  Those people need binary packages, as statically linked as possible.
The ones who know enough
  I think they don´t need this scripts.
  But I think they will like them anyways. :-)))
  (At first I only wanted to say that they don´t need such stuff, but
   the idea is too good to talk it away)

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