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Re: New package managment

Philipp Gühring <p.guehring@enemy.org> writes:

> Please realize it.
> (I remember visiting the SGI homepage, they use something similar for
> their binary packages)

I think we only need some autoweb (or how it should be called) for
source packages, we do not need another binary package system, debian
is out there and with apt, it as the features which would be nice to
have for cross distributional source package.
> But I have to question one thing:
> In my opinion, there are two kinds of people.
> The ones who donīt know enough about sourcecode.


>   They donīt have compilers and stuff like that installed (What do
>   I need a compiler for? I want to play a game, write some texts, ...)
>   Those people need binary packages, as statically linked as
>   possible.

No, don't think so. I think it is quite hard to remove the gcc from a
system, all distributions I know install them on default. And hey
without a compiler you can't compile a kernel. So I think, people
without a compiler are below 1% or so.

> The ones who know enough
>   I think they donīt need this scripts.
>   But I think they will like them anyways. :-)))
>   (At first I only wanted to say that they donīt need such stuff, but
>    the idea is too good to talk it away)

I think they need it too, at least I would find it a nice feature. If
the package just requires one lib, it easy to do the download myself,
but if it requires two or three libs, its to hard for the people and
they won't download all the stuff or they will be very disapointed if
it fails, because they grabbed the worng lib.

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