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Rob Kaper wrote:

>If anything happens: I can maintain PHP code and other webbing stuff, yah.


>> * Some (longer) time ago the idea for an open list of game ideas came up.
>> Anyone volunteering to maintain such a thing?
>The Linux Game Breeding site was my initial input to the LGDC. I would not
>mind if anyone else would do this (I like to have some time off every now
>ans then ;-) but in any case I'd like to contribute my original idea's,
>plans, motivation, ideology etc.
>I still feel that LGB has a strong, marketable name so I think we should
>keep it and use it as a more autonomous section. It was a bith to maintain
>when I first created it because I still worked with cgi's in C and without
>database, but with PHP/MySQL it can easily become what I envisioned in my
>interview on news.com (perhaps once it's done, I should contact them again
>so we can make the press again!). Btw, my vision was the ultimate resource
>for programmers, artists and visioners to bring together human resources and
>creative ideas.

I support that. But some motivated person will have to care about that -
and despite the databasing it will be really much work.

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<thinking> <gears overheating> <ahhhhhhhh!> ROTFL!! 8-))


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