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Re: New package managment

Bryan Patrick Coleman wrote:

> What I have in mind is a kind of supper package class that can do more (more
> easily) than what is out there. I think I am going to use dpkg & apt as the
> underlying pakaging system. What I am envisioning is "grouping" several deb
> pakages into on superfile that can install or build packages as needed.
> For example lets look at the Pingus situation. You have this supper package
> that contains clanlib and hermes libs for Pingus.
> When you install the package it sees tha need to install the libs as well
> and does so.

Did anybody try the FreeBSD "ports" system? Never did myself, but I was
told that it was rather brilliant and easy to use.

Also, the Perl CPAN system also has a few good ideas, like the
"bundles", kind of meta-packages that are actually empty, but have
information on what packages to get.

Pierre Phaneuf