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Re: Question, Bug in a tutorial

On 26-Sep-99 Steve Baker wrote:
> "Philipp Gühring" wrote:
>> Which graphic format is recommended to be used with GGI?
> I don't know if GGI has any special needs - I doubt it.
>> PCX is too small and has just the 8 Bit Color mode. I want Truecolor
>> images. Any suggestions? Any sourcecode?
> The image file formats I like best are '.RGB' (also known as "SGI
> format")
> and '.PNG'.

png rocks, rgb is good for gl, but the image files are fairly big and with
things like libpng I think the simplicity of parsing is neglegible?

> Both support alpha channels. Both can cope with either 8 bit or 24 bit
> colour. Both have *lossless* compression.
> RGB files are really easy to parse, PNG files are understood by web
> browsers and support progressive loading.
> GIF are a no-no for stoopid legal reasons - they also only support
> 8 bit colour and 1 bit alpha.

I beleive gif89a can do 32b with 8b alpha (as well as animations and monkeys
come out of its butt)

> JPEG uses lossy compression - unacceptable for most applications.

I think I gotta disagree with you there. JPEG has a lot of good applications I
think, like non-simple textures on models and non-simple interterface screens.
If you look at a texture for grass or dirt or an organic lifeform, something
with a lot of smoother color variance, or look at the setup screens of games
like rites of war and total annialation: kingdoms, those are places where jpg
would be a good choice. it IS lossy, but it's only noticable on very simple
graphics where png would be a smaller image file anyways...

> TIFF is too damned complicated - it's gotten out of hand and too many
> tage are not handled by too many reader/writers.
> PCX deepy sucks because it's not really a standard - there are just
> too many ad-hoc additions from too many places.

the pcx stuff I've seen has been very simple and low-level... but it's possable
that I just missed the extended forms of pcx :)

> BMP is Microsoft and changes with every new revision of Windoze.

bmp is also ineffecient, ugly, and BACKWARDS (the file is stored from the
bottom up, that's just WEIRD :)

> Everything else is too obscure - or has other problems.
> So - RGB and PNG get my vote.

I say jpg and png :)

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