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Re: Question, Bug in a tutorial

On 27-Sep-99 Jonathan Taporg wrote:
> --- Steve Baker <sjbaker1@airmail.net> wrote:
>> The image file formats I like best are '.RGB' (also
>> known as "SGI
>> format")
>> and '.PNG'.
> I recommend PNG as well.
>> JPEG uses lossy compression - unacceptable for most
>> applications.
> It must be pointed out that JPG can achieve excellent
> compression.  If lossy compression is acceptable
> (which is more often than you'd  think), JPG makes
> a good choice.
>> Everything else is too obscure - or has other
>> problems.
> TGA is another popular format for 24 bit images.  It
> is used as the primary output format for a number of
> rendering-type apps.  I'm not certain whether it
> supports compression, however.

targa support basic RLE

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