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Re: New subscriber / X-servers question

Andrea Pintori wrote:

>I have a ATI-xPLAY-4MB 3D card and I use Debian2.1
>with XFree86 installed but I am not able to
>get the top from my card with XFree..
>So I was looking for a better X-server.. I have
>to buy a commercial accelerated server? In this

You could also first look around on the Debian sites for a newer version of
that server (Debian 2.1 has been out for some time now). Look in the
dists/unstable (or so) directory on any Debian ftp site. (The "unstable"
only means that the distribution as a whole is not completely stable yet.
The individual packages are almost as stable as they can be).
3.3.5 is AFAIK the most recent stable XFree version.


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