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New release of Crystal Space (0.17)

Here is another release of Crystal Space. This is 0.17r001. Not so much time has passed since 0.16 but this
 release is mainly to allow people to upgrade their apps to the extensive changes that have happened with
 regards to the API. We have done lots of work cleaning up various parts of the API and you can be sure
 that your app will NOT work without changes. Some of the highlights in these API changes are: new
 collision detection plugin system, new material system (only API change for now), consistant system to move
 objects (things and sprites), ...

 To make this transition easier there is a doc included with 0.17 which explains how you can port your
 application from 0.16 to 0.17. Using that document the transition should be somewhat less painful. In the
 future (after the release of 1.0 more specifically) we will try to avoid these kind of major API changes as
 much as possible. That's why we are doing them now :-)

 Of course there are other changes in this release too. We did more than just clean up... Some hilights are an
 improved terrain engine, a new tool that demonstrates how you can put the engine in a CSWS window,
 fullscreen support for X windows, better working sound for Linux and Windows, and a new 'make install'.
 Also a lot of bugs have been fixed and several optimizations have happened (both memory usage and

 WARNING! MazeD will compile and run but it is currently unusable because some things had to be
 removed temporarily. Also note that the Macintosh port works more or less but event handling is broken (so
 you'll not be able to move around). The NextStep, OpenStep, and BeOS ports are most likely broken. I
 recommend staying with 0.16 for those ports until the port maintainer also fixes these ports (he will).

 As a small note, this release contains an unfinished PS2 port (yeah, for the console!), a new SDL canvas,
 and a working Port for the MingW32 compiler (free GCC compiler on Windows).


Jorrit.Tyberghein@uz.kuleuven.ac.be, University Hospitals KU Leuven BELGIUM

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