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Re: The first comment is...

In message <Pine.LNX.4.02.9808091723120.27647-100000@schlong.llamaland.org>, scoop@freshmeat.net writes:
>I'm not really happy with the NNTP solution either. I still think it's
>somewhat overkill for our purpose and requires additional resources at
>every site I for one am hardly able to provide (freshmeat's running on a
>P166/64 with a constant load between 2.00 and 3.00).

Just to clarify: "NNTP" is the protocol for transferring news from one
machine to another. It's designed to be efficient and lightweight, and
it's remarkably good at it.

The problem lies with the programs that most people use for actually
keeping the news on their server and manipulating it. They tend to be
very large and powerful, because of the amount of flexibility they need
and the size of the data being thrown around. Due to their size, they
also tend to have security problems.

We shouldn't throw out the protocol because some (many?) of the programs
that use it are bad. (Not without trying to make it work, at least. :)