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Fwd: Re: Lightweight news server for Linux News Project?

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Date: Fri, 14 Aug 1998 11:57:33 +0200
From: Francois Ranchin <fyr@oleane.net>
To: arma@mit.edu
Subject: Re: Lightweight news server for Linux News Project?


In news.software.nntp, you wrote:
> I have decided that an NNTP-based mechanism to keep news synchronized
> between the servers is the way to go. However, most news servers I've
> looked at are either too bulky and intensive (eg INN, C News) or too
> specific or fragile (eg Leafnode). What we want is a simple NNTP-based
> transfer method (such as the Net::NNTP perl module) combined with a simple
> server that spools, expires, maintains several distinct newsgroups (perhaps
> several dozen), supports pgp authentication, and figures out which news
> items should be sent to which other servers and does it. Ideally, it
> would also have hooks to call scripts when new news arrives. It doesn't
> need to be very configurable, but it needs to be lightweight and secure.

The simple answer is INN. For all this goals.
Perhaps diablo.(which have no reader part...)

> In our case, it won't be connected at all to the rest of Usenet.

Why ?

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François Ranchin, fyr@oleane.net

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